Sophie Holohan / Codependent

Sophie Holohan’s “Codependent” is the mental safety net catching you right after your free fall into a new relationship. Becoming a sympathetic blanket of self awareness, it wraps itself tightly around a fragile sense of self. Warm but significant, “Codependent” revolves around someone else’s world and ultimately relies on their eyes and ears to find love.

The 18 year-old singer and songwriter recalls always being drawn to music. She currently lives in Boston, MA where she attends Berklee College of Music studying under their songwriting program. With a lyrical articulation as sound as hers, it is not a surprise to find out Sophie Holohan has been writing songs since she was five years old. Now, she is sharing her experiences in the hopes her music will simply impact anyone listening. 

“I felt I didn’t know who I was without my friends’ love and validation, and that realization really rattled me. It made me start reflecting on who I was when I was on my own, and ‘Codependent’ was the brain-child of that reflection. Though I adore my friends, I realized that I needed to start figuring out who I am as an individual, and rediscovering myself has been very empowering,” describes Sophie Holohan on the song’s inspiration.

All starting from within, “Codependent” is a soft inner voice pointing you to a crack in the foundation of your relationships. Unintentional but unmistakable, it feels discomforting at first but her melody is the remedy. Holohan’s vocals are kind and soothing, alleviating the pressure that you’re the only person who has felt this way. 

Listen to the incredible song below and stay tuned for more from Sophie Holohan.


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