Wavehi / I guess

You know those moments when you find a song that has enough audible energy to power a small city? Meet Wavehi, the artist who attempts to achieve this insane energy track to track.

For his latest high voltage hit, Wavehi sought out a collaboration with long-time friend and up-and-comer 721gusto.

Both artists maintain their stance as early risers in the underground hip hop community and coupled with wall to wall production from underground legend 777goly the sum of multiple sources of extreme energy results in an absolute headbanger. 

With a sound that is not for the faint-hearted Wavehi describes his motivation behind ‘I guess’ as his way of dealing with pent-up feelings:

“I made this song simply to express my feelings about the constant chaos of the world, and how I’ve had to accept my role in that chaos”.

It can be incredibly tedious dealing with the quandaries that come in a package deal with life at its core and Wavehi has something to say about it…



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Jacob Jackson
wavy music plug from australia.
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