Triple-threat producer, vocalist and songwriter memmi released his debut single, “Bad Side,” today with producer Zack Sekoff (Vince Staples, Thundercat). 

The lo-fi track is anchored by driving drums and percussive instrumentation that provides the single with a thorough heartbeat. Throughout the track, memmi and Sekoff lay their voices over the dynamic instrumental foundation, telling stories of challenging relationships in completely different contexts. 

The multi-talented memmi notes, “Sekoff and I took an idea I had for a song and fleshed it out at Max Martin’s studio in Beverly Hills. We both approached our writing and vocals from different angles; I sing about struggling to connect with my parents, while his verse is about communication issues from a past relationship. The track’s upbeat tempo and uplifting instrumental shroud the somber themes of ‘Bad Side’ allowing the listener to lose themselves in the vibe.”

Make sure to check out the “Bad Side” video on YouTube and stream the song below!


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