Rising singer/songwriter Ella Collier released her debut EP today titled, MOOD SWINGS. The project follows the release of Collier’s singles, “cinderella,” “CHAOS,” and “like that,” all of which are included on the full-length project. 

Collier’s EP is a direct reflection of her personal character: one that is inundated with both kindness and chaos. Throughout the project, Collier allows listeners to tap into her inner psyche, inviting them to assume their roles as passengers on her very personal emotional rollercoaster ride. 

The project begins with Collier’s single, “cinderella,” a dark hyper-pop anthem in which the singer paints herself as a cool and confident temptress. “CHAOS” and “crush,” two buoyant tracks of completely contrasting natures, dominate the first half of the project. Collier’s fourth single off of the EP, “like that,” then ushers in the latter half of the project, which is where listeners are able to tap into Collier’s most intimate thoughts through her songs “hey i love my life” and “love you.” 

Collier notes, “These songs mean so much to me because they are a progression of who I have become through my teen years into who I am now. I wanted to fit in all my moods in one place, because they all make up who I am and I know so many people share these intimate and sometimes explicit feelings. I’m just not afraid to say it. I’m also so excited because I feel like I have created a new lane for myself in terms of genre. The whole point of the production was to articulate and reflect those moods, Johnny May really helped me conceptualize that.”

This project is not only an exemplification of Collier’s character, but it is an exemplification of her dynamic, masterful artistry. MOOD SWINGS proves that Ella Collier is not only a promising artist, but that she is–and always has been–prepared to take the industry by storm. 

Stream the EP below and the official music video for “CHAOS” on YouTube!


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