JDM Global / Summer 21 Pack

JDM Global, otherwise known as Josh Mehling, is a talented producer and artist who has found himself intertwined with acts such as Clairo and Claud. Most notably, he is a member of Shelly the band, where the three talents come together with Noah Frances Getzug, to form a vastly enjoyable four-piece indie act. At the same time, Mehling has been work as a contributing producer on Claud’s latest record and now he finally releases his first EP as a standalone act, JDM Global. As noted in the EP’s title, Summer 21 Pack, JDM Global brings forward some good old lo-fi indie rock that captures the essence of groove and sunshine. The EP introduces three tracks and runs at just about eight minutes total, with each track and each minute being incredibly light and pleasurable. 

Opening with, “Cake” which was released as a single, JDM Global brings forward distorted vocals, a sweet guitar melody, and rocking drum hits that connect to create the perfect summertime rock record. This track is Mehling’s first attempt at gracing his vocals over his own production and it does not disappoint. The twangy and pronounced guitar leads on this record are an earworm to say the least, they stand out in the mix and really give the record its personality. For the writing, lines such as “more pretending / why tell the truth when we can lie for a minute?” showcase budding talent for the fresh artist. The track closes out with some synth-like horns that keep it evolving into the last chorus hit.

The second track, “Tide,” has to be my favorite on the EP. As the name would suggest, this track somehow captures the sensations of a shifting tide and gives off a surf rock feel. Once again with distorted vocals and compelling guitar leads, this record does it all. The vocal production here is so very enjoyable, the vocal hits in a dream-like manner seemingly fading away the second it hits your ears. This is the perfect head-bopping track for a summer drive. Towards the latter half as JDM global blends the chorus and last verse, we get this eclectic mix of psychedelic and surf rock that takes you on a perfect journey through a fading sunset. As the chorus echoes, “it picks me up and puts me right back down” there is a perfect culmination of lyric, production, and feeling all complimenting the track’s namesake. 

All in all, this short release makes me vastly eager to hear the future work of JDM Global. As a proven producer and now vocalist, there is no ceiling for the promising indie act. Summer 21 Pack will surely serve as a playlist filler and car ride frequently played track throughout this upcoming warm season. Take a listen for yourself and allow the sheer summer energy to fill your ears at the link below. 


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