Today, artist/producer Maths Time Joy released his poignant new single, “Hoping You’d Call,” in collaboration with renowned artist and songwriter, Rich. The track serves as the second single that the artists have released as a pair.

The single’s instrumentation is dominated by dynamic percussion and synthesizers, and is decorated with Rich’s evocative vocals. Joy layers and distorts Rich’s vocals throughout the track, allowing them to serve as elements of the track’s instrumental foundation. 

Rich–a background vocalist for Chance the Rapper, one half of experimental duo Refs and a former member of the renowned trio Thirdstory–claims that the song channels a myriad of influences and was inspired while on tour, “I started writing this song while on tour with Chance the Rapper, and was listening to a lot of PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, and Eli Sostre at the time…I wrote this song after going on a few dates with a guy and started getting feelings for him that were unrequited. I started doing all the classic things people do when they start falling for someone – telling everybody about him, feeling weightless, and planning out every text obsessively. I was really let down when he said he just wanted to be friends.”

“Hoping You’d Call” serves as a brilliant collaboration between two musical forces. Stream the song below, and prepare for the EP that is to be released in Fall of 2021.


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