Today, LA-based producer and singer Ry Hill released his first single of 2021, “Staring At The Sun.” The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Danny Higgins and Fio Karpenko. 

Throughout the track, Hill uses haunting piano sounds, as well as a fleeting guitar lick and kick to create an instrumental foundation that allows him to tell a story of his personal experience in isolation. The visual aid not only reflects Hill’s dynamic artistry, but it reflects his experience living in Los Angeles. 

Hill notes, “The music video reflects the anxieties associated with self-isolation. Where I came from and what’s going through my mind is sort of up for interpretation. I may have just come from a date that went terribly, or maybe I’m having a bad trip. Or an existential crisis. The director Danny Higgins and DP Fio Karpenko did an excellent job making it all come together.”

Stream “Staring at the Sun” below!


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