Aizayah Hills / Life

Hawaiian hitmaker Aizayah Hills returns with his introspective joint ‘Life’. 

The track rotates around the notion of feeling compressed by the pressure placed on creatives and ambitious people in general, Aizayah expresses his take on this concept in a way that is relatable on a mass scale yet still an accurate and authentic representation of the life the 19 year old Hawaiian has in front of him.

Aizayah says: 

“I think it’s funny that as soon as I make a song about my own personal experiences. That’s the one that people think is relatable.” 

Statements like that suggest that perhaps the weight of this pressure may not be all that dissimilar regardless of your situation and context. 

Toeing a fine line between his personal experiences alongside emotions also felt by many, is a means utilized by Aizayah in ‘Life’ to provide listeners with comfort and reassurance that everyone deals with pressures from a variety of factors and influences. 

‘Life’ is a subtle and well produced (InBloom) reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel and perhaps the panic is more universal and natural than one might consider.

With heavy set, reverby and atmospheric production provided by InBloom you’ll find yourself rocking back and forth to the drums subconsciously while you consider Aizayahs personal lyrical memoirs.



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