yours, andrew / DYGWYW?

Nostalgic. Relatable. Groovy.

These are a few words that came to mind upon listening to “DYGWYW?” (Did You Get What You Wanted) by yours, andrew. With its enticingly melancholic lyricism, “DYGWYW?” accurately expresses the inner-conflict that comes with being used by someone; being self-aware of the fact, yet still feeling a strange sort of attachment to that person: You still haven’t called me back / did you get what you wanted / did you get what you needed / I still feel like I’m attached

We’ve all been there at one point, have we not? For the heartbroken and the heartbreaker, yours, andrew gracefully paints an honest narrative when it comes to the infinite enigma that is love. 

The track uses indie-pop synths and keys to create a soundscape that yours, andrew coins as “sentimental funk.” I couldn’t describe it better myself — the instrumentals create a bittersweet feeling of longing, yet one can’t help but tap their fingers to the beat. The combination of subdued vocals and groovy production is reminiscent of Arlo Parks, Ūla, and young friend. 

“DYGWYW?” is only the beginning for yours, andrew. It is the singer-songwriter’s second release as an artist, and a full length EP is in the works for later this year. 

Listen to “DYGWYW?” below, and be sure to put yours, andrew on your radar! 


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