It takes something special for me to cover an artist or group on the page more than once, so when a friend from the ER team asked me if I would consider covering The Misters newest single on the page for a second time, I was skeptical at first. However, after hearing the track, I immediately knew I would have no regrets giving this group their well due praise for a second time.

The 4-piece pop/rock band, The Misters, is back with their newest song “My God These Boys”. On the piece, the group decided to venture outside their comfort zone with a more up-tempo and electronic style/sound of music than their previous laid back and acoustic centered tracks. The group describes the song as a “dense high-speed track influenced by hyper-pop and the ever evolving digital age of music”. The track itself highlights the importance of direct communication, as always they’re as direct as possible.

The band stands out amongst others for me due to their versatility and willingness to step into untouched territories with their music. They showcase one minute and forty three seconds of bouncy synth chords, minimal but effective percussive elements and captivating vocals unlike anything I have ever heard from them before. The song’s catchy and eclectic chorus has been stuck in my head for days upon end.

Make sure to check out this hard working and talented group of musicians known as The Misters and go stream their newest track “My God, These Boys” out on streaming services now. You wont regret it!


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