Mulherin / Dance With You

The first time I came across Mulherin was their performance opening for Zack Villere on his most recent tour. From then on, I took note of just how exceptionally talented the twin duo were as singers, performers, and producers. Also, I noticed just how tall they were on that stage (very tall I think). As artists, the two brothers (Parker and Marshall) have consistently been independently building a strong base following of fans that swoon for the duos enchanting indie R&B ballads. Their track, “Never Know” leads their Spotify numbers, picking up over 1.2 million streams and highlighting their true R&B prowess. To usher in the summer, the duo recently released a single titled “Dance With You” that will immediately make you a fan.

This record is painstakingly gorgeous, a tribute to the kind of love that will have you sending romantic playlists and fittingly stepping into your dancing shoes. “Dance With You” runs at 3 minutes and 23 seconds with its chorus completely stealing the show. As the twins echo, “Usually I don’t dance / I want to dance with you” they capture the sweet sentiment of sacrifice and growth for a person you care for. Vocally, there truly is no match, the chorus is warm and bright, capturing both an unattainable level of coolness and harmonic wonder. With various falsetto hits complimenting the lead, you’ll have shivers sent down your spine by the end of the record.

For the instrumental, there is a masterful blend of shimmering piano chords, acoustic guitar, and rocking percussion. It is here the track gets its more romantic sensations as the backing track alone creates a serene image of love and calm. In its entirety, the production does not overwhelm but rather serves as the perfect compliment for the duo to seamlessly glide vocally and highlight the lyric and angelic tune on the lead. 

In sum, “Dance With You” should immediately land on your R&B playlists and could be the perfect backing track for your next little date. Mulherin impresses with each release and this one is no different. Ever-so-sweet and musically perfect, there is every reason to stay hip to the indie R&B acts continued growth. Check out the track at the link below and find yourself swooning over the independent stars. 


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