Kevin Holliday / Regrets

Three things are guaranteed in this life: Death, Taxes, and Kevin Holliday bringing the vibes with each release. We have seen him do this in the past, but Holliday is on a remarkable run with singles in 2021. The Brooklyn artist started the year off “Tried My Best” and set the tone for what to expect for the rest of the year. And if we are being honest, he hasn’t let us down yet. 

This time around, Kevin Holliday finds a way to make us dance while thinking about toxic relationships with his newest record, “Regrets.” When connecting with Holliday over Instagram, he mentioned:

“’Regrets’ came to me at a time when I was having trouble making a final judgement call about a relationship. “

Aside from the meaning, “Regrets” is a fun and euphoric indie jam that leaves you in a trance. Balancing the playful guitar with his electrifying baselines and signature drum patterns is what we know Kevin best for, and once again, he comes through on his newest track. With the single also came a DIY style music video directed by Salim Green that adds to the independent artists charm.

As mentioned before, Kevin Holliday has been on a major streak when it comes to his singles this year, leaving us eager to hear the upcoming EP. While his fans wait for that to be released, they can peep “Regrets” below.


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