DWLLRS / Things we don’t talk about

Anytime any sort of musician can make you feel like compulsively screaming lyrics in a crowded iPhone lit crowd until your voice goes hoarse and your throat goes dry is special.

DWLLRS do just that – with their developed triple threat strength skill set of extremely catchy songwriting, authentic vocal performances, teaming with notable production. 

They find themselves set apart from the flurry of up and coming pop acts, due to this they have recently been leaving their imprint around the industry.

Not only have DWLLRS got the music on lock but for their previous song ‘Fiction’ and now ‘Things we don’t talk about’ the cover art for the respective singles have had me personally more than intrigued before the first note even had a chance to play. This sort of visual and creative spark is the defining asset that sets artists in this industry apart as individual entities and this duo clearly emphasizes expressing themselves visually.

In their latest track the duo play alongside themes of interpersonal trauma, loneliness and sheltering expression and dialogue alongside playful in-house production. 

Such contrast between the lyrics and certain elements of the production really add to the depth of the songwriting and conceptual strength, as the themes discussed are often uncomfortable to hear – let alone talk about.

But not in a bouncy indie-pop song.

Thank You DWLLRS.



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Jacob Jackson
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