Voda Fuji / Rose Quartz

If pop drums and heavenly string sections are what you look for in music, look no further. This time around, its Voda Fuji with his newest single “Pink Quartz.”

Known for a more energetic style of music, Voda Fuji switches up the pace with “Pink Quartz” to create a more natural and euphoric soundscape. Traditionally, we could expect a collab from the Colorado singer and his producer Silobut see Voda Fuji take a step in a new direction with MAIKA– the producer of Pink Quartz. Although the producers may be different from time to time, Voda Fuji finds a way to stay consistent with his playful lyrics and heavenly bridges. My favorite part from the single is when Voda Fuji croons:

“Whats best for me? / Haven’t found out successfully”

Voda Fuji is different. He’s grown so much in the past year yet manages to come even harder with each release. He especially proves why he deserves it all with his newest single “Rose Quartz.”


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