Assemble Sound Selects 17 Artists for their 2021 Studio Residency Program


Today, highly respected Detroit based music company, Assemble Sound has given us the opportunity to help them unveil the 17 lucky artists who have been chosen for their residency program. The Assemble Sound studio residency is a year-long artist development program geared towards musical artists focused full-time on songwriting, production, and/or performance. Residents are given free 24/7 access to use Assemble’s four recording studios for the duration of the year, and they participate in weekly programming ranging from song critiques to industry workshops, all aimed at helping them become better creators and business owners. Artists retain 100% of the rights to the music they create during their residency, which is one of the many things that make Assemble Sound’s artist development program unlike any other in the industry. 

Since its inception in 2015, Assemble Sound has been passionately focused on creating a space where artists are more intentionally connected to each other as creators and business owners, in hopes of them becoming better creators with successful businesses one day. Over the last 6 years or so, Assemble Sound has done just that as the now music supervision and licensing company (serving ESPN, Hulu, Apple, and Chevy) is responsible for over 100,000 hours of free studio time given to Detroit artists. Last year’s 2020 residency class included Curtis Roach, whiterosemoxie, Tiny Jag, Yoshi Flower, Jax Anderson, Sam Austins & Sienna Liggins; while this years 2021 list includes the following 17 artists:

Whu Else, Chloe Moriondo, WTM Scoob, Jacob Sigman, Tommy Fleece, Chase Plato, Boston Anderson, Ally Evenson, Shortly, Malik, Frankie P, Harlow, Lex Lander, Niko Bokos, Emma Guzman, Whyandotte, and Ana Gomulka.

“Since Assemble Sound started, our work has been anchored in giving artists access to our space to create and learn together. After the last 12 months of isolation, this connectivity has never felt more needed and valued. There is a special quality to in-person collaboration and the spontaneity enabled by the right studio environments, and we intentionally waited until it was safe to enable that before launching this years’ residency“, says Kaylan Waterman, Program Manager (Assemble Sound).

Ranging from nationally touring artists to some who have only just started releasing music, the 2021 Assemble Sound class of Artist Residents includes some of the most talented individuals in the music industry, which is why the team at Early Rising is pledging to create a space on our platform to document these artists on their journey throughout this program! We cannot wait to see all of the amazing art they all create and we applaud Assemble Sound for leading the charge in such a selfless and important endeavor!


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