Sam Addeo / Something 4 U

It’s my favorite thing to come across a new artist that I am unfamiliar with and immediately be taken by their music. In recent days, I check emails around 3 a.m., so while running through my mailbox full of releases in the early morning hours, I came across the newest release from 25-year-old Sam Addeo.

Once I hit play on “Something 4 U,” I was taken by the music. Between the production, lyrics, and melody, this new track is sublime. Speaking from experience, I would highly recommend listening to “Something 4 U” in the early morning hours. It’s the sort of track that you close your eyes to and just allow your body to move to the rhythm. With lyrics like, “I’m not just thinking about filling my time with somebody new / I would be lucky to love somebody like you,” you get filled with the same butterflies that accompany a crush as you listen. There’s a wavering feeling of elation, and an underlying intensity as the song progresses.

With “Something 4 U” marking Sam’s second release, already backed by 3.5k monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that she has just began releasing music with the quality of her work. Take 3 minutes out of your day and listen to “Something 4 U,” you won’t regret it!


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