This evening, Brooklyn based singer/songwriter ROSIE dropped her single, “to get over you,” on all streaming platforms. The single follows the release of her other tracks “Retail Therapy” and “100 Headaches,” as well as her renowned single, “Never the 1,” which found viral success on TikTok earlier this year. ROSIE’s style is defined not only by her ear-catching melodies and adroit lyricism, but by her ability to discuss heartbreak with nuance and grace.

Throughout “to get over you,” the artist details her experience adjusting to independence. In the first verse of the track, which is minimalistic in instrumentation, ROSIE sings, “I’m still getting used to my bed feeling queen sized / I’m still getting used to my space on the right side…I’m still getting used to forgetting your number / Knew all ten digits now I barely remember.” 

The song quickly transitions, however, from an intimate verse to an explosive chorus. With the addition of a buoyant guitar line, drums and dynamic background vocals, the once-melancholic track quickly becomes a lively pop record. It is via this vibrant soundscape that ROSIE explains the lengths in which she would go in order to overcome her heartbreak, hence the song’s title, “to get over you.”

ROSIE’s “to get over you” is not only proof that the singer/songwriter can write the perfect summer bop, but it is justification that her artistry is both dynamic and unbound. Once again, ROSIE has proven that she can make her personal experiences feel universal.

Stream “to get over you” below!


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