thomtide / rightback

Fresh off his Pigeons & Planes best new artist placement, up and coming artist, thomTide is making it on to our pages for the release of his brand new song called, “rightback”. If you’ve ever had the chance to listen to thom, then you’d know that he possesses an awe inspiring ability to create sounds and ambiences that are completely captivating. From the beginning of this new one, I knew it’d be special. From the vocals, all the way to the production, “rightback” is a song that you’ll have on repeat continually as the vibe of the song just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

thomTide is one of the most exciting artists coming up right now and this latest release proves that in every way shape and form. I’ve taken the time to attach the Spotify link down below, so give this one a spin and tap in with him!


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