Luna Luna / Early Morning

I have been on an indie-pop kick lately, so I was beyond excited when I was presented with the opportunity to review the four-piece Dallas-based Latinx band, Luna Luna’s, latest single: “Early Morning.”  

“Early Morning”  temporarily transports the listener into a world of curiosity embellished with disco balls and clouds of smoke. The lyrics capture what it feels like to live in the hope of a relationship, fantasizing about the potential of that particular someone who lives in your head rent free. Luna Luna sings: Call me if you want me love / Got me waiting for so long / Tell me if you want me / I don’t want nobody else and Good vibrations from you / Coming from the way that you move / Gotta find a way / Gotta ride your wave / Hoping that it leads me to you.

Production wise, the track serves as a direct representation of its cover art: iridescent, abstract, and almost trance-like. High-pitched vocals intertwined with synth-pop instrumentals create a mesmerizing soundscape containing a groovy bassline, smooth harmonies, and fashionable melodies. 

Funky, groovy, and dreamy, “Early Morning” is a perfect addition to your summer playlist. Keep up with all things Luna Luna, and stream “Early Morning” below! 


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