Showjoe / Batman n Robin

Virginia rapper Showjoe delivers us a bright and bubbly trap banger in the form of “Batman n Robin”. The song perfect for when you are in the mood to turn up and flex.

I came across this track on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, which is a great vessel to find the next biggest artist- I’m always scouring it for talent! What stuck out to me was Showjoe’s energy on the beat, reminiscent of early cuts from 24K Goldn, SSG Kobe, and Lil Uzi Vert.

This is an upbeat song, and Showjoe, who is still in high school, demonstrates his talent and potential on the track. It is clear that he “turn heads when he walks in”, as he mentions in his opening bars. I think Showjoe fits right in to the rap zeitgeist of this year, and I am patiently waiting for more heat from him.

Throw this song in your rap rotation, it’s guaranteed to garner some bobbing heads and stank faces. 


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