The Reminders / Unstoppable

Words by: Nathaniel Morales

Today we’re on early rising to talk about a duo that is by far one of my favorite things going in music right now. The Reminders. This group consist of Brussels born emcee Big Samir and Queens born emcee/vocalist Aja Black, when I first found these two I was blown away by their authenticity. I still am.

The Reminders are a never ending stream of passionate, expressed through soulful lyrics, tastefully paired with heartfelt melodies that are respectfully older than western civilization. One of my favorites from them is their 2019 Album “unstoppable.” This Album is alive, carrying a message that cuts straight through all the complexities of a troubled mind delivering real substance to the heart of the listener.

These are songs of Freedom and Liberation. “Coming Home” is my personal favorite off the album so far. This song is something special. Immediately met with Aja’s heart singing “I came from the land of the mountains, where rivers run and flowers smile, Mother moon kiss mi every night oooo” you feel at ease as she so effortlessly personifies the forces of nature like the Ancestors have for so long. These lines hooked me instantly. The song continues with the heartfelt melody and verse from Aja of course only to be met with Big Samir’s nutritionally dense rap verse “I carry wisdom in my scars and bitter marks of what I’ve been through, a black bird reaper flying back to you, salt to the earth, I was caught up in a whirlwind, wrestling for heaven trying not to let the world win.” Over all just a complete spirit bomb of a track on an incredible timeless Album. So many Gems from the bilingual French/English flow on “Dust and Bones,” to the Energy/Heavy bars on “Down,” and “Foundation” this album is criminally slept on but they seem to be really cool about it and awake to the victory/success already achieved within themselves.

It’s such a blessing to find artists like this and be able to champion and appreciate them in their organic growth. We’re definitely paying attention. Make sure you go tune into this fruitful duo for some good company on this healing journey. Love.


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