Rising R&B songstress Jordyn Simone recently released her fiery single, “Burn,” (featuring Ncognita) on all streaming platforms. The track follows the release of its sister song, “Drown,” which was released in May of this year. 

    Throughout the track, Simone details her experience sacrificing herself for a relationship, using the concept of “fire” as a metaphor for watching her own dignity going up in flames. Throughout the chorus she sings, “I laid all my cards on the table / I never asked for no goddamn savior / The sacrifice right here is what made her / The soul trapped in the fire.” 

    Simone notes that the record speaks to both the beauty and brutality that come with loss, “‘Burn’ is the paradox between losing everything and gaining everything all at once. The record speaks to the lost and broken-hearted, and reflects on the beauty in one’s chaotic flame that will eventually transform into one’s own truth.”

    An epic ballad for the brokenhearted, “Burn” prevails as not only a one-of-a-kind track, but as an true exemplification of Simone’s dynamic artistry. For those in need of a new artist to keep an eye on, Jordyn Simone is it. 

    Stream “Burn” below!


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