Goldwash / Red Sky (ft. Baird)

As always with music, when trends start rise in popularity, the sounds that fuel these movements become increasingly repetitive and unoriginal.  Right now, songs using disco-inspired productions are becoming more and more common every day.  Juice Wrld-esque hip-hop productions are overused, and the post-punk wave is about a year out from being in a very similar position.  All of these different musical scenes moving towards a place of oversaturation excites me because it means that up-and-comers will start creating new trends and sounds, laying the foundations for the music of tomorrow.

I think that the future will bring a return to musicianship, more importantly, live instrumentation and a band’s presence both in your headphones and on the stage in front of you.  One musician in particular, Goldwash, is carving out his own space with a very unique sound and building a strong and loyal fan base because of it.  This morning, Goldwash teamed up with his brother, Baird, to release “Red Sky (ft. Baird),” the next step in the siblings’ series of collaborations.  Even though this team is nothing new, everything else in their lives changed since “Over Again” from 2019.  The Acheson brothers now share a studio in Los Angeles recording alongside the likes of BROCKHAMPTON, Kevin Abstract, Berhana, and of course, with each other.

“Red Sky (ft. Baird)” is nothing what I expected it to sound like, and the finished product could quite possibly be my new favorite Goldwash song. Out of everything that I noticed in this record, Goldwash’s raw talent as a musician shines through as the defining feature. His ability to mesh live instrumentation with electronic production and arrange it in such an organic fashion is unmatched. From a holistic perspective hearing how everything works together to breaking the song down layer by layer, “Red Sky (ft. Baird)” is a perfect example to look at when trying to understand Goldwash’s capabilities as an artist. From start to finish, this song combines a carefree mentality with feelings of nostalgia, teleporting the listener to a place of solace. Truly a work of art, this record will turn heads and be your go-to in more situations than I can possibly imagine.

Listen to “Red Sky (ft. Baird)” below and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything Goldwash this year.  Lots of things coming down the pipe.


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