PREMIERE: Kazi / Real Ones

It seems as if it’s only every so often we hear from the New York singer/songwriter, Kazi. With only having released one track in 2020, it’s been an extremely reticent couple of years for this young artist. With anticipation building, Kazi comes out swinging with his latest track “Real Ones”. The first of hopefully many more in 2021, this hyperpop track is a forceful testament to who he is as not only an artist, but a producer as well.

Coming up from the Lower East Side, Kazi pulls inspiration from all over. Influenced by artists from Swae Lee to Speaker Knockerz, and all the way to The Boss, Bruce Springstein, Kazi incorporates a vast amount of different genre bending production elements that ultimately creates a sound of his own. 

“Real Ones” stands as a re-introduction to his artist career. A short, but sweet track that welcomes him back into the industry with sprightly vision going forward. His attention to detail within the production of the track further proves that his comeback is going to be larger than what’s foreseen. 

“Real Ones” extends his gratitude and serves as a tribute to those that have helped Kazi get to where he is now. Throughout the track, Kazi touches on the importance of trial and error, and the importance of surrounding one’s self with those who are going to push you to be the greatest “you” that you can be. Success is determined by setting a goal and achieving that goal. It isn’t about the money, fame, social presence, or all of the materialistic bullsh*t that’s boasted on Instagram. “Real Ones” is simply an anthem for those who find success in their own victories and triumphs. With a good amount of 2021 left, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Kazi very soon.


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