Premiere: Laica / Sanctuary (official music video)

At this point, Laica needs no introduction. The future super star has been covered on our pages many times and we don’t see that ceasing any time soon since she continues to release amazing music and content that is too good not to feature! Fresh off of her Early Talks appearance, Laica is returning to this publication as we have the honor to premiere her brand new visual for her beloved song, “Sanctuary”.

In order to to understand the context of this offering, we must first revisit this song in its entirety. Although it came out in May, I have found myself bumping it all the way into August, which is simply due to the infectious production and groove that’s present all throughout the song. When you add Laica’s vocal talents the entire piece is nothing short of complete. I just adore her vocal tone in every way and truly cannot get enough of it. From the clever lyrics and catchy melody, the sonics are phenomenal.

Now, when it comes to this visual, it’s truly a compliment to the song in its entirety. We don’t just premiere anything here at Early Rising as we aim to only give this mantle to artists and teams who have perfectly nailed the visuals from all fronts; this is exactly what Laica and her camp have done which is why we’re so hype to give you the first look at the feature film style video! There’s so much personality throughout it all which has caused me to fall more in love with Laica and her artistry! 

We’re full fledged fans over here at Early Rising and we know y’all will be as well! Make sure to check out the video and let us know what you think!


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