Early Talks w/ 99 Neighbors

Vermont bred collective, 99 Neighbors have been on my radar for almost 3 years now, so having them on the page of Early Rising today is nothing short of a full circle moment for me. I’ve had the chance to interview them on Lyrical Lemonade on a few occasions and today, they are arriving on Early Rising to talk about their new single on our Early Talks interview series! Keep scrolling down below, to check out this amazing conversation!

Sam: How has 2021 been for y’all personally?  It’s crazy to think that we’re almost done with the year?

99: Purge >> Groundhog Day >> Truman Show

Sam: How has 2021 been for y’all musically?

99: Finding inspiration during lockdown was tense, but finally finishing the album was gratifying. We  took the time afforded to us to find the special moments that completed our album.

Sam: Tell me about the latest song that just dropped, “Live A Little”. How did that come about?

99: This song started with a Swank verse on a beat called “Geese Tracks,” which got flipped onto a beat Somba made using piano played by Lido. Sam and Hank wrote to this version, and this is when we got scratch samples back from our homie Crusty Cuts. Lido and Somba then recorded an alternate piano line at CRC. That night Somba remixed it again, and Hank rewrote the next day to the switch-up. That day we hit up Ivan from Brasstracks for the assist, and he came through clutch.

Sam: What was the inspiration behind it?

99: Live a Little, trying to have fun and to bring it back to our rap roots. We needed a rap song.

Sam: What can 99 Neighbor fans expect from this group for the rest of the year?

99: Our album “Wherever You’re Going I Hope it’s Great” and potential tour more videos and stuff to wear too.

Sam: Tell me about this new offering coming up?

99: Our album is an introduction to us as artists and people.

Sam: How has the music evolved from the moment y’all started making music together to now?

99: The moment we started making music was just exciting because we could. Nothing made any sense. Now we’ve kinda figured out the similarities in our taste, which has allowed us to approach making music with more intent / focus.

Sam: Who are some artists that y’all are taking inspiration from these days?

99: Isiah Rashad, Saba, Bon Iver, Haxan Cloak (Midsommar soundtrack), Her’s, Beach House.

Sam: Are there any dream collabs that y’all want to work with in the next year or so?

99: Shlohmo, Khruangbin, Spilltab, Rough Francis, Van Buren records.

Sam: Tell me about your upcoming single release “49er”.

99: 49er is a big song for us. Narratively it centers around reckoning with our relationships to home and to familiarity. We’ve had to give up a lot to be here, and this song was a way to air out the emotions that come with the sacrifices we’ve made. We’re really excited for people to hear it.


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