MAY-A / Don’t Kiss Ur Friends EP

Don’t Kiss Ur Friends… or you might just end up with a powerful, authentically raw, and addicting EP. Today, rising LGBTQ+ Aussie pop star, MAY-A released her debut EP: Don’t Kiss Ur Friends. Through six tracks decorated in pop vocals and 90s pop rock instrumentation, MAY-A tells her story — one involving fleeting moments, first loves, the exploration of queer identity, and anything and everything in between. 

In addition to previously released singles “Swing of Things,” “Time I Love To Waste,” and “Apricots,” the 19 year old artist offers three new tracks to fill in the gaps of her narrative. It kicks off with “Amiinmyhead,” a cathartic soft-pop tune exploring a relationship where both parties know they aren’t meant to be, yet they don’t want to call it quits just quite yet. MAY-A sings: Are we killing time with each other waiting for our other lovers? Next, “Central Station” demonstrates MAY-A’s abilities as a songwriter. Over pop rock instrumentals, MAY-A continues to discuss the complexities and nuances of dating in your teenage years, referencing a personal anecdote happening on the subway. “Central Station” paints a vivid picture; I almost felt like I was sitting on the train observing from afar. “Daffodils” strips things down, using a simple, laid-back production style to reflect the vulnerable narrative that unfolds. 

MAY-A speaks about the project:

“‘Don’t kiss ur friends’ follows the course of a relationship, a journey of queer discovery, and the growth from an adolescent to a young adult. each song is a piece of the last four or five years of my life, the most recent track having been written last year and the earliest at 16. as the music developed, so did i. you can listen to me grow up, gain confidence and understand myself through the way i approach my relationships.”

For such a young age, MAY-A’s sound and storytelling display a level of maturity; each component is so well thought out and delivered, with every song unlocking a new story to be heard. A project about formative teenage years and first experiences, I guarantee you can find a piece of yourself within these tracks — regardless of who you are. 

Stream “Don’t Kiss Ur Friends” below! 


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