21 year old poet, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker, Dou, showcases his refreshing new track “Heaven’s Home// SLUMS”. Representing Harlem, New York, this track demonstrates as Dou continues to create well crafted raps and shows no sign of slowing down.

A laid back and introspective gem, the song showcases Dou’s intricate and meaningful raps as well as his harmonic singing vocals.

Chill boom bap drums, soulful vocal chops, and energetic drum fills come together to create the swinging backbone of the song. Throughout the track, Dou alternatives between his low register rap voice and his melodic singing voice. He exhibits complex rhyme scheme and impressive storytelling in his raps while also showcasing his passionate and dynamic singing voice.

Be sure to check out Dou’s newest track “Heaven’s Home// SLUMS”, out now on streaming services and check out the accompanying music video on YouTube!


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