Chloe Berry Q&A

I recently stumbled upon an artist named Chloe Berry, and I am absolutely obsessed with her vibes. Chloe Berry is a 20 year old, NYC-based artist who is blurring the lines between indie rock, bedroom pop, and dream pop. Her music reflects her aesthetic: playful, dreamlike, and original. 

Recently, Chloe Berry released her debut EP: Blueberry Jams, via Spirit Goth Records. With its dynamic production, each track offers something new, yet they all share one thing in common: you can’t help but sway along to them. Of the six tracks, there were two standouts for me: “Breakfast,” a first love type of tune with vintage-inspired vocals and harmonies, and “Most of My Days,” which puts forth a true, indie rock sound with its guitar riffs and angsty lyrics. The EP tackles the ever-so-confusing landscape of love in a way that is relatable, palatable, and fresh.  

I had the wonderful opportunity to ask Chloe Berry some questions regarding her music, life, and all that lies in between. Get to know the up and coming artist with our Q&A! 

T: Hi Chloe! It’s so nice to meet you. Give Early Rising’s readers an introduction to who you are — how old are you, where are you from, anything else you would like us to know?

C: Hi there! I’m Chloe Berry. I’m a 20 year old that makes dreamy tunes from her bedroom. I’m based in New York City and also grew up here. I’ve been releasing music for 3 years now and just performed my first live show this past July. Also I just released my newest single “Pocket Full Of Daisies” on Friday the 13th!

T: Growing up, did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue? Or was there a specific moment where you realized, this is what I want to do

C: I’ve always had a passion for music, but I guess I didn’t really think it was something I could pursue. In my senior year of high school I got really into Garage Band. I was also super inspired my Uncle and boyfriend who both released music. Once I started just diving into making finished songs and releasing them I got hooked. 

T: I really love your overall aesthetic — from your name, to your music, to your art direction, it’s all really captivating in the best way possible. Musically and non-musically, who are your creative influences and how do they inspire you? 

C: I grew up reading a lot of Rookie Mag and listening to their 8tracks playlists. It really gave me a lot of inspiration and helped define my style and aesthetic. I particularly love photographer Petra Collins and she just did a Olivia Rodrigo music video. I try to just be true to myself and I think I learned that from my biggest musical inspiration, Fiona Apple. I just try to view my music as a source of relief and a way to cope. 

T: I understand your boyfriend, a.k.a. Spoonuel, is your producer. Do the two of you have a creative process when it comes to making music together? 

C: Usually I write my songs on my own because that’s when my flow is best. Then we’ll usually listen to a lot of music to get inspired for recording and production. We really just share our thoughts on the songs well and are comfortable with each other. It makes the process easier because we don’t hold back on our opinions. 

T: Recently, I’ve had your “Blueberry Jams” EP on repeat. Do you have a favorite track on the project? And can you explain the inspiration behind it/how it came to be? 

C: I think my favorite track is ‘Most My Days.’ The song is really honest and I think it is different from anything I made. The entire EP was created during the pandemic and a lot of it is about relationships. My boyfriend and I were alone together for most of the quarantine and it was definitely filled with ups and downs. I deal with mental health struggles and navigating that and a relationship was difficult. That was the inspiration for the EP and it came to fruition after endless months being holed up in our bedroom. We recorded all the vocals in a Voice-over studio to save cost. There was a lot of DIY involved to make it work, but I’m still very proud of all the songs. 

T: What is your favorite lyric you have ever written? Can you give us a little annotation? 

C: “Will you leave when I’m angry? I know you won’t but it doesn’t feel fine” — I think this line from ‘Most My Days’ is one of my favorites right now. I think it sums up how insecurities can dominate your mind and prevent you from feeling like someone is there for you even when they are.

T: Is there anything we can expect from Chloe Berry moving forward? 

C: Moving forward you can expect lots of new music! I also will be continuing to do a bunch of live shows here in New York! I hope just to continue to connect with people through my music and grow with each new song!

T: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. We really appreciate it 🙂 

C: Thank you!

This is only the beginning for Chloe Berry. I am so excited to see where life takes her; her music feels like a special gift to hear. Stay up to date with all things Chloe Berry, including live shows and new music, here, and stream her tunes below!


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