Olivia Shalhoup

Industry playmaker Olivia Shalhoup is our guest curator for Early Rising this week and it’s an honor to showcase such an accomplished individual on our page. The CEO & Founder @ Amethyst Collab is one of the most highly coveted assets in music as her Digital Marketing Agency specializes in cutting edge and highly effective social media rollouts for artists of various sizes. Working with artists like Trippie Redd, Vedo, Dro Kenji, Kyle Dion, Haviah Mighty and Kevin George, Olivia not only has the gift of identifying talent, but the knowledge to market it correctly as well! A true champion for great music, who is motivated by leading trends rather than following them, Olivia is an undeniable leader who is deserving of all the praise! Make sure to continue reading down below to check out her ER Q&A!

ER: Hometown / living now?

Olivia: Brooklyn for now, DC forever.

ER: What is the thing that keeps you so drawn towards music?

Olivia: Music is one of the most emotional art forms. One of my clients Kevin George has this quote that describes exactly how I feel: “You can hear joy, light, pain, darkness all in the music. Everything comes out in the music.”

ER: What are you working on now?

Olivia: I’m expanding my Digital Marketing Agency. We took on some exciting new clients, and almost all of my clients are putting out projects this year so I’ve been working on their rollouts. I’m also maintaining my own column where I rank and critique the best marketing rollouts of the week, Rollout Roundup.

ER: What project are you most proud of working on/ was most memorable?

Olivia: Working Miss the Rage, which became both Trippie and Playboi Carti’s highest charting singles ever.

ER: What are your goals for the future?

Olivia: To grow and evolve. To continue building my company and take on artists that I’m passionate about. I also want to continue to elevate my client’s careers.

ER: What is your favorite part about music/working in the music industry?

Olivia: Getting to see the projects that I’ve been working on for so long come to fruition. No better feeling than seeing the fans reacting, online or in person, to something you worked on.

ER: What is the lasting impression that you want to leave?

Olivia: I want to be known as a leader who prioritizes innovation and risk-taking. Never, ever saying things like “this is the way we’ve always done it”. Leading the trends, never following.


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