MAY-A / Daffodils (Music Video)

Last month, rising Aussie pop-star MAY-A released her debut EP: ‘Don’t Kiss Ur Friends.’ A 90s pop rock EP exploring topics of first loves, heartbreak, queer identity, and overcoming adversities, ‘Don’t Kiss Ur Friends’ offers a sincere sense of relatability within each of the themes it tackles. Ever since I wrote my review on the project, I can honestly say that multiple songs have worked their way to the top of my “On Repeat” playlist — one of them being ‘Daffodils.’

Today, MAY-A released the official music video for ‘Daffodils,’ the fourth track on ‘Don’t Kiss Ur Friends.’ ‘Daffodils’’ instrumentation and production is stripped down, using acoustic guitar and hardly-there, soft-pop instrumentals that allow MAY-A’s story to be heard as she comes to realize her self-worth. As she comes to the realization, the instrumentation intensifies. The stripped down production is a subtle nod at MAY-A, stripping down walls of her own to be truthful with herself.

The music video, directed by Murli, depicts MAY-A in various euphoric settings as she slowly puts bandages on her broken wounds. Surrounded by nothing but daffodils and sunlight, MAY-A sheds a tear as she sings: “Putting daffodils on fires and lavender on broken luck / I’m pretending I’m not drowning in my self destruct.”

Daffodils are the first flowers to bloom when winter ends, representing new beginnings. The music video’s aesthetics visualizes the natural beauty that comes with healing in order to become a better and newer version of oneself. A soft lens, vintage-esque film stock overlay, and glowy lighting create a timeless, yet nostalgic aura that almost feels like a dream. 

Simply put, all the synonyms for “beautiful” cannot do the music video justice. Check out the official music video for ‘Daffodils’ below, and stream ‘Don’t Kiss Ur Friends’ if you haven’t already! 


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