Rakeeb Wize / Ocean Drive

Charlottesville, VA’s own Rakeeb Wize has made a name for himself in the DMV, South East, and beyond as a multi-hyphenate creative power house. Outside of his own artist project, he has established himself as a prominent graphic designer and creative director, having helped dozens of artists and entrepreneurs with their brand identity and visual direction. Today however, it is my honor to introduce Keeb and his newest single, “Ocean Drive,” to the world of Early Rising. 

Accompanied by a music video that builds on the inherent cinematic qualities that the song itself possesses, this release showcases exactly why Rakeeb Wize is one of the most exciting young artists on our radar. ”Ocean Drive” is a smooth, trap-infused, contemporary R&B banger that will have you rushing to check out the rest of the artist’s discography, including his brand new EP, KEEB.

In this day and age, it is ever so apparent to keen music consumers when an artist is pulling from lived experience rather than speculation, and Rakeeb Wize is no exception. “Authentic” isn’t just a word that Keeb has tattoo’d across his forearm, but rather something that the 23 year old creative lives by. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rakeeb and ask him a few questions about his creative inspiration and life purpose. It comes as no surprise that the artist is just as open minded in his attitude towards life as he is music:

“I’m inspired by life…family, friends, women, my artist peers, suspenseful movies & comedies, documentaries, nature, the artists that came before me, and so much more.”

If you enjoy “Ocean Drive” as much as I do, make sure to tap in with @RakeebWize on socials and check out his visual  portfolio @the_visualplug. As always, I’ve linked to the official music video and Spotify preview below. Until next time my friends.


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