Ahmir / On Go

Getting our week started off at Early Rising is one of the smoothest tracks you’ll hear by an up and coming artist over the next 7 days. 22-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina rapper, Ahmir is makes it on to our page for the video for his latest song called, “On Go”. From the moment I heard this track, it was evident that this was one of the most impressive releases that I’ve heard in some time. I was simply just a fan of this song since Ahmir has such a cool presence about himself and rapping style, but what makes this overall piece even better is the video that accompanies it! From start to finish, this visual will encapsulate you and grab all of your attention due to the clean camera angles and concise vision.

I hadn’t heard about Ahmir before this showing, but I can honestly say that I am going to stay tapped in with him for a while. It is immensely rare to come across an artist who captivates your attention off first listen like Ahmir has, which is just a testament to the up and comer’s unique style and unapologetic charisma. I’m hype to see where his music takes him and you all should be as well! I’ve attached the link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!


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