Blake Ruby / Momentum

Blake Ruby’s “Momentum” is the psychological standstill we felt this past year between what could have been and what is. The weight of cancelled plans grew heavier and buried anxieties pestered as hours felt wearily slow but days passed with one blink. Boxed into the unforeseen, self expression was our only guide. 

Roaming through the boundless psyche, creativity explored new rolling hills of combinations. Sound and color danced on foreign floors, image and narrative sang unheard melodies, and in between the lines we found more blessings. “Momentum” reaches toward personal discovery and finds there is no life without movement. 

Blake Ruby, the 23 year-old artist, is currently based in Nashville and first started making music back in 2016 in his dorm room. Growing up, he played music in church and performed in high school with friends. Accompanied by his closest friends over the years, his collaborative process has always valued storytelling. 

“I wrote this song the day I found out we were all going into quarantine. I was feeling a ton of anxiety about what the future was going to look like, since all the momentum going into my final semester halted. Then I felt God shifting my perspective away from my personal issues and onto the blessings of spending so much quality time with family,” explains Ruby on the song.  

What felt like a creative drought to some, was Blake Ruby’s imaginative downpour. Where some fell into numbing cycles, he found his humbling full circle. Emphasizing perspective, “Momentum” argues it doesn’t take more than a shift to realize what you need is what you already have. 

Watch the amazing new music video, directed by Chase Denton, below and stay tuned for more from Blake Ruby. 


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