SeaEss / honey sweet

If you’re looking for some goof vibes and something supremely catchy to listen to, then look no further than the latest song that’s making it on to our page, “Honey Sweet”. This latest find by the Early Rising curation team is yet again another offering that will brighten up your week and serve as a perfect addition to your weekly jams playlist.

For context, I was able to grab a quote from SeaEss about the song and he explained:

“The song is about vice and virtues and the million little voices in your head that prompt them. That’s why there’s so many pitched vocal stacks and effects that weave in and out. I’m primarily a producer so I think I was just making a beat one day not meaning to make a song and when i figured the vibe didn’t work for any artists i’ve been working with, i just decided to make a song for myself ! kind of an amalgamation of my inspirations and an experiment of what comes out.”

Once you turn on this track, you will instantly fall in love with everything that’s attached to it. The charismatic production and the stylish vocal stylings of SeaEss makes it impossible to stop listening, which is the perfect attribute for your song of the day candidate. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!


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