Dev Lemons / Guessing Games

If you’ve found yourself in a musical rut, then look no further than this article, because I have the best of the best hitting our pages today. Making her debut appearance on Early Rising is an artist who deserves all of the praise and recognition in the world. Dev Lemons is an up and coming artist who has wasted absolutely no time in grabbing the attention of the entire Early Rising music team due to her extensive music knowledge and innate talent. Not too long ago, the Pennsylvania native dropped a brand new track called, “Guessing Games” and it’s truly one of the best songs that I’ve heard in a really long time. Like I said earlier, it’s been hard to find great new music which has caused me to fall into a musical drought, bu after hearing Dev’s track, my passion for music discovery was immensely revitalized from head to toe.

The 3 minute and 7 second offering has so many elements that you will absolutely fall in love with. It seemed like each time I listened with fresh ears, I found some aspect or detail that made me appreciate the song even more than the last time. What makes this piece so impressive as well was how it was conceived. Dev linked up with well-known producer Whose Rules despite the distance, time difference and never meeting in person. Throughout the verses, Dev utilized her mesmerizing vocal talents to add depth to an already well put together piece.

I would love to go in to more depth about this stunning track, but it’s important for ya’ll to check this one out yourself and give us your thoughts! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below!


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