Anna Shoemaker / Sick!

Giddy and inviting, loneliness plays with the faint of heart in Anna Shoemaker’s latest release “Sick!” Calculated but deliciously irresponsible, it satiates the easily obsessed with the sweet taste of glamorized feelings. Perfectly self aware, it’s our aha moment we let live rent free. 

Anna Shoemaker, the 27 year-old artist, currently resides in Brooklyn but is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Writing music for several years now, Anna Shoemaker uses songwriting as a way to get out of her own head when emotions and overthinking can flood her conscience. 

“I know the song sounds like it’s about missing someone but I really think it’s about being lonely. Loneliness can trick you into romanticizing relationships AND THAT can really f*ck you up,” explains Anna Shoemaker on the song. 

Unlike normal pop circumstances, “Sick!” inches closer to the logic behind a crush instead of blissfully scratching the romantic surface. Creeping deeper into the spaces of our excitable but disoriented mind, “Sick!” sits us down on the therapeutic couch and walks us through a predictable self realization. 

Listen to “Sick!” and watch the amazing new visualizer below. Stay tuned for more from Anna Shoemaker here on Early Rising.


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