Summer in Slow Motion (EP) / Jonah Zed

With school back in session and the warm summer air behind us, there’s no better way to relive the nostalgia of our summer days than by listening to Jonah Zed’s debut EP, “Summer in Slow Motion.” Teetering between various mellow pop and hip-hop elements, Zed’s soothing vocals and soft lyrics depict a versatility unlike any other.

“who you callin’ cold hearted?” starts the EP off with a bang! With an up-tempo guitar and drum loop, Zed’s vocals are perfectly layered on top of one another – as if he had crafted the track to play behind the montage of a coming-of-age story. This single immediately draws listeners in. As the EP progresses, tracks like “cranberry” showcase Zed’s ability to switch gears and create a velvety-R&B track. My favorite song on the entire project would have to be the last single, “selfish (down the line).”

The young artist has created such a beautiful work of art, there’s no doubt he’ll be able to achieve great success! Everyone should tap into listening to the music of Toronto’s best-kept secret. I look forward to seeing what direction Jonah Zed decides to take the rest of his music in. You can stream “Summer in Slow Motion” down below!


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