Holly Humberstone’s newest single “Scarlett” is a breakup song that mourns the reality of heartbreak. Humberstone sings of a tale as old as time – a horrible ex – and the breakup that her real-life bff Scarlett went through. Basically as relatable as Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR. 

As with any romantic rupture, there are cycles. Sometimes you’re pissed, sometimes you need to shed some tears. Humberstone sings about a certain stage we know and love: “Cause I cried all the summer away/ Ooh, you left me waiting on a heartbreak/ I just cried all the summer away/ Now, I’m drunk and screaming your name/ Ooh, and I will show myself out.”  And let’s admit, we’ve all been there. 

Humberstone is destined for pop-synth royalty with a sound that carries both her sincerity and her soulfulness. At its core, this track is a catchy electronic bop with a mystic melody, making it a perfect representation of the new sound of pop music today. 

Beats behind the song hint of familiarity to other iconic female singers including King Princess and Caroline Palocheck. With a new wave of women singing about being each other’s support systems, Humberstone’s lyrics ring true.  

With beautiful moments, such as Humberstone’s melodic yet unique voice describing the ex as having duped Scarlett as an “emotional grim reaper,” this is an anthem for the brokenhearted that has an empowering undertone of moving on. Ending the song with “I don’t need you, now,” gives hope to the world for emotional repair and recovery. 

Listen to “Scarlett” below, and make sure to keep an eye out for Humberstone’s EP out November 5th!


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