Aaron Smith / Nocturnal

This week, a friend of mine turned my attention towards a Scottish singer-songwriter named Aaron Smith. I wasn’t familiar with any of mis music, so I eagerly made some time to sit down and listen to his brand new single titled “Nocturnal”. From the moment I pressed play to the final seconds of this track, I was completely captivated. I knew immediately that this was something I had to share with everyone on the site, so, here I am today to show you what I think will be one of your new favorite songs!

“Nocturnal” begins with a slow and enchanting piano melody, one that’s so good you wouldn’t be upset if the track was an instrumental. Nevertheless, the song gets even better just a few seconds later when Aarons vocals make their way onto it. His soft and steady tone sounds like something straight out of heaven. As he sings, the lyrics wedge their way into your feelings, causing your emotions to move with the melodies as a story unfolds. As the song progresses, your interest and attention only grows more and more. If you’ve never listened to a song I’ve recommended yet, let this be the one you do!

As always, I’ve linked the song down below, so be sure to check it out while you’re here!


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