Bringing a new and refreshing sound to the Southern Rap scene, rapper and songwriter Wakai, just released his newest track “Lively” the first single from his upcoming project, “To a Dark Boy”.

The track showcases Wakai’s impressive rhyme scheme, quality sound selection and introspective lyricism. Filled with quick-witted, story-telling bars and an honest and catchy chorus, Wakai flows effortlessly on the track. The crisp instrumental features swingy and head bopping drums over a harmonious melody consisting of soothing jazz piano and acoustic guitar.

Wakai stands out to me not only for his impressive lyricism and unique sound selection, but for trailblazing his own path as a rapper and artist from his home city. Hailing from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, there are not many artists near or in his hometown with a similar style or sound. Wakai brings an authentic and distinctive style to the table that sets him apart from other rappers in his area.

Stay tuned to Wakai as he continues to flourish on his journey, go listen to “Lively” out on streaming services now and look out for his upcoming project “To a Dark Boy” coming out soon!


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