Tanisako / White Skies

The last time you saw Tanisako, he was gracing the cover of our Early Rising playlist and today, h’s hitting the main feed for the release of his latest song called, “White Skies”. From the first time I heard the kid’s music, I knew there was something special about it. The up and comer just has an energy that is edgy yet lighthearted which will make you want to learn more about him. The attention grabber makes phenomenal music and it shows in his discography. When you sift through everything he’s released, it just seems like he continues to get better, which is just a testament to him working on his craft day in and day out.

This latest one, “White Skies” is a futuristic ballad that will suck you in as soon as you press play. The dynamic and unique production truly lays the ground work for Tanisako to shine all the way through this one! I don’t want tho give the whole song away, so make sure you check out this song at the link below!


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