B.WELL / Drunk Thoughts (Video)

With what might be the most intriguing boilerplate I’ve ever read, rising artist B.WELL lives up to everything that’s come across my screen thus far.  Introduced as a “30-year-old black man living in the city Des Moines, IA, where driving 20 minutes in any direction grants you endless views of cornfields” might sound dull at first glance, however, upon further investigation I learned that Billy “B.WELL” Weathers is much more than a hip-hop artist.  He’s also an activist working to guide the conversation on systemic racism toward a place of ‘fresh air and positivity’ and to uplift the youth in his surrounding Des Moines community. Then, I heard the music…

Just as B.WELL is trying to breathe a breath of fresh air into important conversations pertaining to the world around him, his music presents a new perspective and sound that isn’t like anything being released right now.  Downtempo, rhythmic productions coupled with writing that the listener can truly feel, B.WELL is taking the road less traveled and entering into this music business on his own terms.  I’m not too familiar with the developing music scene in Des Moines but I will bet on the fact that no one presents themself and their music with such sophistication and poise.

This morning, B.WELL released the accompanying video to “Drunk Thoughts,” one of my favorite records on his most recent project entitled Billy. The video speaks to this rising artists’ music and the brand that he is meticulously developing. As I hit play, the “Drunk Thoughts” video depicts B.WELL, appearing polished as ever, at an upscale bar/lounge portraying a degree of class that you don’t see everyday.  Everything about this video reflects upon B.WELL’s music and activity outside of music in an incredibly cohesive fashion.  Every visual, sonic, and humane aspect of this artist project builds upon each other while also existing in its own space.

There’s so much more that I can say about B.WELL, the “Drunk Thoughts” video, and the direction that I see this rising artist heading towards, but go check it out for yourself! Watch the video below, read up on the B.WELL Foundation, and follow as B.WELL continues to grow this year!


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