Budjerah & MAY-A / Talk

Budjerah is a name that everyone needs to know and I’m immensely excited to be bringing him on to the pages of Early Rising. There are certain artists who have that IT factor and this up and comer possesses all of that in every way. If you’re in the mood for a feel good vibe, then this newest track by him is exactly what you need in your life. “Talk” is the brand new offering by Budjerah and it truly might be one of the better songs that I’ve heard in the past few weeks. From the moment I turned on this one, I was instantly immersed in the encapsulating ambience that’s created by the soulful and colorful production. Budjerah’s vocal tone is out of this world, which makes this such a soothing song to listen to.

What makes this piece even better is that Budjerah enlisted help from Early Rising favorite, MAY-A to add her own personal flare to an already well rounded piece. These two artists are a match-made in heaven as they both bring something to this track that not only showcases their individual talents, but somehow manage to compliment each other in the most natural way possible!

I’ve attached the youtube link down below to their fire video, so check it out and let us know what you think!


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