terms / nickname jos

Not too long ago I did a review over nickname jos’s recent single titled “hot wheels”. While that song is still on replay for me, Jos has graced listeners with another track, completing this double single release! The new song is titled “terms” and it’s just as good as the last one, I just couldn’t pass up telling you about it!

“Terms”, coming in at 1 minute and 48 seconds in duration, is energetic, innovative, and everything else in-between. If you weren’t already convinced on the greatness of jos, you will be after you listen to just the first few moments of this track. The song’s production rides a much more edgy line than that of its predecessor, “Hot Wheels”, which shows just how dynamic Jos is in his abilities. If you have any pent up tension from life or the previous week, play this song as loud as you can and dance around alone in your room. It feels like Jos himself did that while making this track. It’s hard to describe the energy and emotion this song brings as it’s just something so real, relatable, and raw – almost unexplainable in some way. Before your weekend ends be sure you listen to this track, you’ll understand just what I mean!

I’ve attached the link to “Terms” down below, so be sure to check it out while you’re here!



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