Ellie Dixon / Green Grass

Lately, I’ve become infatuated with the idea of perspective. How something as simply complex as an arrangement of words can entirely change the way you see and exist in the world. When I heard Ellie Dixon’s “Green Grass,” a whimsical alt-poppy track about viewing things in a positive light, I knew I had to write about it. 

Listening to “Green Grass” feels like seeing a rainbow after a rainy day. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s bound to put a smile on your face. Bouncy keys, jazzy horns, and a groovy bassline enter the track at first slowly, and then all at once, to accompany Ellie as she tells a story about her day. The lyricism follows a linear narrative: Ellie’s mom asks how her life is going, she says she is having a bad day, and her mom offers a positive reframing that shifts Ellie’s initial outlook on life. Ellie sings: You are not an image or a product or commodity / You aren’t worth more because you like to eat broccoli / You’re made up of your thoughts, habits, hopes, fears / And honestly, you’re floating through space on a rock. Ellie’s songwriting is impressive — her story serves as a healthy reminder that we should begin to see ourselves as souls, rather than bodies, coexisting on a spinning rock.

The production meets at a crossroads of funky and clarity, incorporating a D.I.Y. style that balances out Ellie’s smooth, buttery vocals. Several soundbytes — like her mother’s voice and birds chirping — add to the sunny atmosphere that this track creates. I highly recommend this “Green Grass” to anyone who is a fan of Claire Rosinkranz, Role Model, or Maude Latour. 

Ellie Dixon is a Cambridge-based artist, producer, and songwriter. At just the age of 21, she is already establishing an unforgettable sound with an important message. Keep up with all things Ellie Dixon here, and stream “Green Grass” below!


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