Holden Miller / The Thought

Tik Tok is really one hell of a platform. Every single day, we’re consuming so much entertainment…good and bad. A ton of my feed is just non-stop indie artists promoting their sounds…good and bad. But, when I heard this fun little promo, I was instantly attracted to this song. So simple. Straight to the point. So catchy. That’s the recipe Holden Miller used on his brand new track “The Thought”.

Self-produced and a solo songwriter. This is Holden Miller. A 23-year-old, LA-based, NY-grown singer/songwriter. Neurons firing off one million miles an hour in his head turned into songs to simply slow them down. Using his experiences as unique, yet relatable, assets to build up tracks that will attract the everyday consumer with hopes they can take away something positive from listening. 

“The Thought” is a track gathered by a spiraling stream of contemplation and reflection of what could have been. Unable to organize his conscience, Miller poetically lays it all out on the line. It’s about finding the beauty in how things grow. Whether it’s growing apart, or just growing up and finding yourself. Finding the positives in a world of negativity. Overpowering the classic overthinking self most of us inevitably become when it comes to losing someone you once loved.

“I wrote “The Thought” after being inspired by the simple, yet unique lyricism and production of Alexander23. Starting with just a single, repeated note on the guitar, I tried to be honest and straightforward with my reflection of an old relationship after moving 3000 miles from where it all began. This soon turned into me talking about how I try to eat tomatoes now to feel like I’ve grown from the person I used to be. I think it’s cool to find beauty and solace in the little things, and that it’s important to give yourself credit for even the slightest of accomplishments. Looking back on my relationship, I know it expired at the right time – at a time where we both needed to go our separate ways to better figure out who we were – but when you experience love and then lose it, it’s hard not to miss the idea of it… or ‘The Thought.'”

Holden Miller is hopefully a name we continue to see around. His music is promising. With the right development, I can see him sprouting into a great emerging artist. Finding the right co-writes, producers and branding, Miller will have people buzzing without a doubt.

Check out Holden Miller’s “The Thought” below!


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