RobOlu / IMAGE!

RobOlu‘s latest track “IMAGE!”, a certified banger, thrusts listeners into the artist’s own shoes and eyes where every step and every sight comes with conviction and perspective. That is to say, you get a sense of who RobOlu is after listening. He’s an Internet-savvy artist well aware of the carefully constructed personas on it and he’s here to call all of it out.

He has a point. If you’ve spent any time on the Internet at all, you’ll realize that many post their social highlights and not much else.

“I see broke niggas acting rich for other broke niggas,” RobOlu raps. “Don’t die ’bout your keyboard,” he adds.

On a more sonic note, you’ve hardly heard RobOlu as tuned into his production like this. He doesn’t waste a second as even the choruses offer major label quality backing vocals and adlibs.

RobOlu’s new project Follow My Lead is coming soon. Stream the single at his website or stream it on Spotify below.


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