An indie-rock-inspired baseline combined with calming vocals, Worry Club’s newest single “Jonesin’” makes for an irresistibly hot track. Chicago-born-and-bred musician, Chase Walsh’s (aka Worry Club) past releases have earned him a name in the industry – the young musician has soared with flying colors, swooping accreditations from Ones To Watch, TLOBF, Spotify’s Lorem playlist, and more. 

Upon first listening, I was obsessed with this track. The singer’s voluptuous tone caught me, but the poignant beats were the reason I stayed. The powerful bass, drums, and guitar draw you in and lyrics such as “I don’t wanna fix you / There you go again  / We’re not friends / I don’t think I’ll be fine when this ends.” He touches on a familiar feeling of love and loss within an insatiably irresistible relationship – where you want more but haven’t quite gotten it yet. “The song is lyrically dark and dingy, but beautiful. It comes from a really sweet place in your mind.” –Chase on “Jonesin.”

With supporting harmonies that deepen the intensity of Worry Club’s voice, the song is smooth and soothing, yet increasingly powerful. For fans of the sounds of Dominic Fike and Sebastian Paul, Worry Club pays homage to musicians who similarly blend genres to create beats that are uniquely theirs. This retro tune has a classic sound fusing with a modern edge of bedroom-esque music: the psychedelic lead guitar makes the track extra mesmerizing.

Listen to “Jonesin’” below, and find Worry Club on all streaming platforms.


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