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Earlier this year, I published the (first ever) write up on Santa-Cruz at-the-time newcomer, Morgen’s, debut single “odd one out,” a bedroom pop tune for the misfits and outcasts. Now, at 17 years old, Morgen has returned to prove that she is here for a good time, and a long time, with her new single: “Sweet 16.” 

At this point, we have all celebrated a birthday (or two, or maybe even three) amidst mundanity and uncertainty, locked indoors with too much toilet paper and too little festivities. Morgen can attest to this — “Sweet 16” tells the tale of a 16th birthday during the beginning of the pandemic. Although Morgen never really cared to have a traditional “sweet 16” filled with big balloons and even bigger dresses, she wishes that her birthday would be even the slightest bit special. She sings: A sweet 16 never meant that much to me / but I’ve been doing nothing / so it feels like everything / It’s not like the world is ending / feels like it’s just on repeat / It’s my 16th birthday / and it really ain’t that sweet. Whether you are turning 16, or 21, or 50, “Sweet 16” is for you. It’s relatable, timely, and validating.  

The track takes on a classic bedroom pop production style with melancholic undertones. Nostalgic keys and sonic synths create a somber soundscape to accompany morgen’s quick-witted humor and straightforward storytelling. Morgen carries a certain succinctness and confidence to her voice that is bound to take her far. “Sweet 16” is a bedroom pop banger showcasing morgen’s ability to tell stories in a way that leaves you wanting more. 

Keep up with all things morgen here, and stream “Sweet 16” below!


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